StarCraft 2 XSplit Basic Overlay Tutorial

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I’m going to write a few tutorials for creating the BASIC (to start with) overlay streams for StarCraft 2 (can be used on other games – but mainly SC2). I will guess you’ve already got XSplit setup correctly and everything runs fine, but you want to add some a personal and somewhat professional touch to your stream. Also I might start doing requests if people want them made or designed (with more detail than this tutorial!).

Here is a quick list of what you’ll need:

Lets begin! First off, here is a few examples of my personal stream and casting stream.

I’ll be creating a new one from scratch here. Get your resolution which your displaying with XSplit (normally your screen res). Open up your Photoshop, any version will do, in this example I’m using CS5.

File > New Type in your resolutions in width / height. RGB and 150 DPI. These are important! The size will be your entire screen, RBG is the colour, and 150 DPI will make it high res. (Ignore the DPI, I was working on a print job at the time, just make sure when you save, its at 100% quality. Thanks Jo3M3tal!).

For mine i’m going to use my current resolution.


After you click ok, you’ll have a white board. We want to add a few key features, one is the main screen, another is your webcam (optional but a nice touch), your media/music, and some information. Here is a rough guide on where to put things, sketch it out on paper before hand if its easier. For the size for your ‘main’ screen, drag a box exactly the same size as your whole canvas, then scale it back down to a smaller size, thusly!






Here the box is drawn the size of the canvas and scaled back, it is our main screen!





Then copy the boxes and positioned to the right of the main screen, these will serve as our webcam and media player.






Add some info to the bottom, or where ever!




Looking good! Now save it as a JPEG and close Photoshop. We’ll leave decoration for now, and you must open XSplit, click on Scene 1, and rename it to ‘General Overlay’.

Goto Add > Media File > Find your JPEG and stretch it to the entire size of your XSplit.






Drag it into the corner! (@djWHEAT tweeted me and said you can also press ’1′ which works too! Thanks!)





Now go Add > Add Screen Region and simply click once to get your entire desktop. Drag this into your main square.

Go to Add > Camera and add your camera, change the size down into the right hand box.

Then finally add our media, can be iTunes / Spotify / Winamp, Screen Region to your box below your camera.

You should end up with something pretty basic like this!

Me scratching my head! Haha! Hopefully that makes some sense, and you can see at the bottom all the sources I’ve added in my scene!

I will be pimping it up in my next tutorial with Photoshop brushes, some flash and other odds and sods. Feed back please leave below or tweet me!



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9 Responses to StarCraft 2 XSplit Basic Overlay Tutorial

  1. Giles says:

    Thanks, I have a question, bit of a noob but whats the difference between my screen resolution and the resolution I cast at? which should I make my image the size for?

    • Alex says:

      Yeah you’ll need your desktop resolution because you want it to fit the entire screen. The resolution you choose in XSplit is the resolution it displays on the t’other end, beit twitch/!

      Hope that made sense :)

  2. Giles says:

    Ahh, cool great work thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for next tutorial.

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  4. Rainon Joseph says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could help me make a League of Legends based overlay, I’ve never seen one before and I would love to be one of the first to see one ^^

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  6. BroLegend says:

    I’d like to know if you could help me to make a dota2 or WoW overlay. I’m terrible on making graphic… Anyway, thanks alot..

  7. Nick says:

    I am having trouble in photoshop. After you create a backdrop the same size as your monitor, what tool do you use to create the cut outs where your game screen, music and webcam go? I figure its so when you overlay it on those screen regions they are all nicely squared to your design. Or are they just grey boxes that are positional guides to where you want to end up putting the game screen etc. ????